Syllabus: Projection and Media Design (THEA 475)

Course Description: The study and exploration of the projection design process, and the creation and execution of digital media for theatrical projection and multimedia/performance integration.
Course Objectives and Goals: Developing a basic understanding of digital media integration with live performance, including process, paperwork, content, and execution. This course will include advanced application of theatrical projection design practice, principals, and technology. By the end of this course, the successful student will have:

  • an understanding of the projection design process for theatre, and the art of projection design.
  • a practical understanding of tools and technology of mounting a design.
  • a practical understanding of media creation and manipulation.

Course Topics:

  • History and Industry Standards – Examples. Design process – paperwork and such.
  • Sound and lighting integration / Live video – Analog and Digital Capture Switching and scan converters.
  • Media Creation – software, media types, resolutions.
  • Images – Photoshop and media types and resolution.
  • Video – After Effects, Premiere.
  • File types, resolution, FPS.
  • Content procurement and file conversion.
  • Execution – technology – software, hardware.
  • Playback – Qlab, Watchout, Isadora, TouchDesigner.
  • Still images – Moving images – Video – Kerning – Mapping – Live video.
  • Projectors – Lumens, throw ratios, lenses, dowsing.
  • Media servers Moving projectors LED and other formats.
  • Projection – Front, Rear Other surfaces TVs Multi-Screen – dividing, mapping, edge blending.

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