Creative Teaching on the Web – Working Procedures

Vice-Commissioner for Special Projects

Over sees the selection of the Editor, Associate Editors and Jurors. Provides back-up to the Editor when needed and insures continued operation of the site.

This Vice-Commissioner for Special Projects has administrator access to the entire web site.


The editor manages the web site and supervises the processes followed by each of the associate editors. Depending on submission load this person may also be an associate editor in one or more areas.

This Editor has administrator access to the entire web site.

Associate Editors

There is an associate editor for each commission. Each associate editor is responsible for recruiting and maintaining a blind jury to review submissions.  Submissions in each area are submitted to the Associate Editor who strips them of identifying information and distributes them to the Jury. The jury feedback is then sent to the Associate editor who follows their guidance in accepting or rejecting a submission and working with the author on any recommended or required revisions.

Associate Editors will have administrative access to their commission’s site.


Jurors will be communicated to via e-mail by the Editor or Associate Editors who will strip all identification from submissions before passing them along.

Jurors will not be given log-in access to the site except when deemed appropriate by the Editor or an Associate Editor. Particularly when a Juror may be recruited to become a future Associate Editor.


Authors will provide an initial submission to the appropriate associate editor via a Microsoft Word form, uploaded via the Creative Teaching Website. After the submission has been approved by the jurors and appropriately revised the author will be added as a contributor to the appropriate web site where they can add their article as a new post. The new post they enter will be published when the associate editor approves it.

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