Welcome to USITT’s Teaching Archive. This is a publication of teaching resources for theatre technology.

This site is oragnized into disciplines related to each USITT commission. Under the Education commission you can find material that is broadly applicable to all areas such as grading for crew assignments, generating engaged discussion, introductory classes, fundamentals of design, etc…

Each section has several categories of resources:

  • Peer Reviewed by a Blind Jury or by invitation:
    • Class Exercise Short
    • Full Class Period Exercise
    • Full Lab Period Exercise
    • Week Long Project
    • Month Long Project
    • Full Semester
    • General Teaching Guidance
  • Not Peer Reviewed
    • Syllabi
    • Grading Rubric

In addition you can find all of the above via key words which are tailored to each discipline. And if both of those don’t turn up results a text based search box is available. Please note that the search will only search through text on the posts and not text in PDF files or other downloadable resources so it may have difficulty finding Syllabi, Rubrics, or other posts where significant content is inside of PDF files.

Each discipline is a completely separate archive so if you are looking for ideas that cross over disciplines you should search each relevant discipline as articles cannot be cross listed. Some articles may get posted in more than one discipline but you shouldn’t count on that.

To submit to Creative Teaching on the Web:

When you have prepared all of your materials and are ready to submit please use this form. The editor will acknowledge receipt with-in a few days.

Editor: Christopher Plummer, Michigan Technological University
Associate Editors:

  • Architecture:
  • Costume: Colleen Metzger, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Digital Media: Matt Reynolds, University of Alabama
  • Education: Owen Collins, Washington & Lee University
  • Engineering:
  • Lighting: David Fillmore, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Management: Christopher M. Montpetit, University of Toledo
  • Safety & Health: Dave Glowacki, Kent State University at Tuscarawas
  • Scenic: Inseung Park, University of New Mexico
  • Sound: Don Tindall, Ithaca College
  • Tech Production: Ted Kraus, University of Arizona

Education Vice-Commissioner for Special Projects: Anne Medlock, West Texas A&M University