Teaching Idea Submission Instructions

The USITT Creative Teaching on the Web is a peer reviewed web publication with the aim of sharing teaching ideas and resources to theatre community. Submissions are welcomed from all teachers and may cover any age range of student.

Teaching idea submissions must address the following headings:

  • Title
  • Abstract
    • Please keep this informative but short. The goal of the abstract is to allow visitors to the web site to scroll through many articles and find the project that fits their needs.
  • Length of Activity:
    • Short Class Exercise
    • Full Class Period Exercise
    • Full Lab Period Exercise
    • Week Long Project
    • Month Long Project
    • Full Semester Project
    • Grading Rubric
    • Course Syllabus
  • Commission
  • Activity Objectives
    • These are measurable outcomes that result from the project. What you expect the students to learn. To be measurable each objective must be evaluated as part of the activity plan to insure students learned it during the activity.
  • Activity Goals (optional)
    • These are ideals that you feel are important to keep in mind for the success of the project, or are elements that you hope the students learn but that you do not measure in this activity. For example if this fits in a large unit of skill development and those skills are assessed elsewhere.
  • Description
    • This is a detailed description of the activity allowing others to recreate it. Please attach any additional needed materials (png, jpg, pdf, mp3 and mov files are accepted). If web sites are used please provide a detailed description so the site can be found if it moves or alternatives could be used in the case of web sites that close.
  • Time Required
    • Describe the students’ time investment in the project as well as any recommendations for the teacher to manage their time.
  • Required Materials
    • Describe the required materials and any helpful information in selecting the materials or substituting alternate materials.
  • Adaptation (optional)
    • Ideas for adapting to other sized groups or smartly managing limited resources.
  • Evaluation
    • Describe how the students are evaluated and what kind of feedback they receive.
  • Contact information:
    • This information will not be shared with reviewers. Only your name and institution will be shared on the web site.
    • Name:
    • Institution:
    • Work Address:
    • E-mail:
    • Phone:

A word template for submissions can be found here:  Teaching Idea Submission Template

When you are ready to submit e-mail your Word or PDF document (PDF preferred) using this form:  Submission Form

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