Syllabus: Video for Performance (THTR 3876)

THTR 3876:0001 Cross References: DANC 3876 | CINE 3876 | INTM 3876 | DIGA 3876
Spring, 2020 || T & TH: 3:30p – 5:20p Studio: ABW250 || Computer Lab: ABW360

Instructor: Daniel Fine, Assistant Professor of Digital Media in Performance

Course Description: An introduction to the aesthetics and practical applications of digital media design for live performance, including content creation, system design and content optimization for media servers. Open to students from any department with an interest in designing, creating, and displaying digital media for theatre, dance, concerts, corporate events, gallery installations, VJ sets, and architectural projections. Working with professional software (Adobe Creative Cloud including Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects) students learn how to create digital art work and integrate it into live performance and entertainment events via projections, media servers and digital displays.

Course Objectives and Goals:

  • Understand the basic concepts, theories and practical applications of incorporating video into live performance.
  • Develop applied knowledge of creating video by designing and realizing projects with various analog, digital and new media technologies for a variety of live experiences.
  • Understand the meaning making, workflow, process, technology and creative process for implanting video into live performance.
  • Work collaboratively across disciplines to investigate multimedia approaches to contemporary live experiences and new modes of storytelling with video.
  • Develop skills in manipulating digital assets such as photos, videos, text, and live video streams.
  • Operate computer, video, projection, sensor, and camera equipment.
  • Be able to perform basic-intermediate, media server skills in QLab and basic-intermediate content creation in After Effects CC.
  • Develop the organizational and artistic skills necessary to successfully design and implement video into live performance.
  • Improve teamwork and communication skills.
  • Critique and evaluate work.

Course Topics:

  • Intro, gear, space
  • Content creation, research, design concept, cueing
  • After Effects (Compositing)
  • After Effects (Shapes, Animate On)
  • After Effects (Perfect loops)
  • QLab
  • Projectors & Media Servers
  • Process, workflow, integrating into the team
  • Masks
  • Surfaces
  • Projection Mapping
  • Cameras & Displays
  • Systems & Lensing

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