Syllabus: Projection Design (TH617)

TH617: Projection Design, Section 001, Spring 2020

Instructor: Matt Reynolds

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Lecture, discussion, and projects, training in theatrical projection design; 3 cr. Provide the graduate level design & technical student an in-depth understanding of the design methods of stage projection, including workflow; generation/acquisition of imagery; visual effects; video production; video systems; hardware; surfaces; and control.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will utilize key creative programs to achieve artistic goals. Students will display professional behavior in learning and presentation. Students will execute vital calculations and coordinate technical paperwork. Students who succeed in this course should be able to fulfill the duties of a Projection Designer at the University level.

CLASS OBJECTIVES: The professor will discuss and demonstrate theatrical projection terminology, workflow, design techniques, implementation, and paperwork.

  • Digital Media History, Careers, Skills
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Collaboration
  • Workflow
  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Design Principles & Media Attributes
  • Content & Video Production
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Animation & Effects
  • Figure 53 QLab
  • Video Signals & Media Servers
  • Projectors
  • Dataton Watchout
  • Surfaces & Cameras
  • Networks & Sensors

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