Syllabus: Performing with Technology (THTR 3875)

Topics in Digital Performing Arts: Performing with Technology: THTR 3875:0001 Cross Reference: DANC 3875:0001
Spring, 2021 || T&TH: 3:30p-5:20p

Instructor: Daniel Fine, Assistant Professor of Digital Media in Performance

Course Description: Advanced techniques in virtual/online performance with established and new technologies including live cameras, audio, greenscreen, special effects, and controlling digital avatars.

Course Objectives and Goals:

  1. Understand the basic concepts, theories and practical applications of performing in virtual/online platforms.
  2. Develop applied knowledge of creating virtual/online performance.
  3. Cite and discuss historical and contemporary artists and companies working in virtual performance.
  4. Work collaboratively across disciplines to investigate performance approaches to virtual/online and new modes of storytelling.
  5. Develop skills in manipulating digital assets and operating virtual platforms.
  6. Operate computer, camera, and sound equipment and virtual platforms.
  7. Improve teamwork and communication skills.
  8. Critique and evaluate work.

Course Topics:

  • Intro, gear, check-out, studio, system, in-class assignments
  • Zoom interface
  • Sound
  • Camera
  • Greenscreen
  • Special Effects
  • Avatars
  • Pitches
  • Virtual Performance Technology

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