Lighting Design II – Syllabus

Submitted by: Todd Proffitt, Fredonia

Course Objectives:

1.Continue to develop theatrical lighting skills through there use of color, intensity, movement, composition, angle and the quality of light.

2.Create, light plots, sections and other lighting paperwork.

3.Develop lighting research skills and find way to communicate their ideas to a production team.

4.Learn basic concert lighting.

5.Develop skills integrating lighting and sound.

6.Learn to adapt to different large and small venues.

7.Learn to adapt the same show that moves to a new venue.

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Lighting Design II – Syllabus

Submitted by: Matt Reynolds, University of Alabama

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Lecture, discussion, and projects, training in theatrical lighting design; 3 cr. Provide the graduate level design & technical student an in-depth understanding of the design methods of stage lighting, including script analysis; research; generation of paperwork; calculation of field angles; prediction of color effects; and a thorough understanding of stage lighting science, terminology, aesthetics, and professionalism.

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Lighting Design II Syllabus

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will build on concepts and lessons learned from previous courses in stage lighting.
  • Students will attain knowledge of and will comprehend advances lighting concepts, including lighting practices in musicals, opera, and dance.
  • Students will apply knowledge gained in the creation of lighting designs.
  • Students will analyze and evaluate the work of their peers, giving constructive criticism when called for.
  • Students will learns how to defend their artistic decisions in a concise and positive way.
  • Students will synthesize knowledge, experience, and feedback into the creation of lighting designs.