Lighting Instrumentation Exploration

Submitted by: Marly Wooster, Miami University


Learn about lighting instrumentation used in our theatres and share that information with your classmates.


Conduct both physical experiments and research (internet or otherwise) to create a 6-8 minute presentation (I will end your presentation at 10 minutes) about your assigned fixture type.

You must turn in:

1. The research you collect. I suggest you hunt for a user manual or a manufacturer specifications sheet. You can also consult a photometrics handbook or a local lighting vendor – ask if you need suggestions. Whatever resources you find most useful is what you should upload to Canvas.

2. You must create something for your classmates to reference in the future. I suggest a hand-out or a power point, but if you’d rather make something else – go for it. Turn in what you create to Canvas. I will distribute them to the class as a future resource.

Your presentation must include:

1. Information about the lamp, reflector, and lens. (How do they work in this fixture?) Utilize visuals either live or recorded (photo or video).

2. Describe the light output of your instrument. Give details of Field and Beam Angle, Intensity, shape, etc.

3. Demo of your fixture type. You can do this live, or with photos or videos you took during our work day in class. Show us the parts? Turn it on? What did you discover that we need to know that you can show us your allotted 6-8 minutes.

4. History if it’s interesting. 

Fixture Types Assignments:

Altman PAR 64 –

6″ Altman Fresnel –

ETC Source 4 19 degree ellipsoidal reflector spotlight –

Strand Shakespeare 40 degree ellipsoidal reflector spotlight –

ETC Colorsource PAR Deep Blue –

ETC Lustr+ 50 deg. –

MAC 700 Moving Head –


Criteria: Comments: Points
Research turned in was correct for the assigned instrument.             /5
Lamp, reflector, & lens were correctly identified and explained in an understandable way in the presentation.             /5
Information about the instrument was obtained from online/written sources and hands-on experimentation were distilled and articulated in the presentation.             /10
Handout or power point used in the presentation was clear and a useful reference for classmates later. Information included: Lamp, reflector, lens, light output info, and strengths and weaknesses of the fixture.             /10