Style Tribe Choices in Historical Context Project


The style tribe project is the cumulative project in a combined undergraduate/graduate Costume History course. The project asks students to connect modern fashion movements to past styles. A style tribe is a social counter­culture that has a defined style of dress that differs from societal norms. An example of a style tribe would be the Teddy Boys in 1950s Britain. For this project, students are asked to pick a modern style tribe and define the characteristics of the group’s dress. Once the students have a clear understanding of the style they pick three garments associated with the group and connect those garments to earlier style trends throughout costume history. The students then present their findings in a short paper and visual presentation. The learning outcome for this project is to help students draw connections between modern styles and the clothing of the past. Through tying the garments to a specific subculture with a clearly defined style attitude, the students learn how the garments have signified different things to specific cultures throughout history.
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A Pillow Project


This project introduces costume construction processes and techniques through the individual construction of a pillow that covers most basic techniques common to costume construction.

Activity Objectives

Through the use of the machines and tools typically found in a costume shop, the student will be able to use a pattern, follow construction directions, to create a pillow that meets the following criteria:

  • Overall dimensions are 12”x12”
  • Corners are sharp and clipped
  • Straight seams are smooth & even, serged/clipped
  • Curved seams are smooth & even, serged/clipped
  • Matching: Print/plaid designs evenly line up
  • Matching: Pattern pieces match and align
  • Buttonhole is centered and even
  • Button is appropriate size and solidly attached
  • Zipper is well seated and hidden
  • The overall finished look of the pillow is neat and pleasing
    (From the file: Pillow Project 1_Grading Criteria)

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