A Pillow Project


This project introduces costume construction processes and techniques through the individual construction of a pillow that covers most basic techniques common to costume construction.

Activity Objectives

Through the use of the machines and tools typically found in a costume shop, the student will be able to use a pattern, follow construction directions, to create a pillow that meets the following criteria:

  • Overall dimensions are 12”x12”
  • Corners are sharp and clipped
  • Straight seams are smooth & even, serged/clipped
  • Curved seams are smooth & even, serged/clipped
  • Matching: Print/plaid designs evenly line up
  • Matching: Pattern pieces match and align
  • Buttonhole is centered and even
  • Button is appropriate size and solidly attached
  • Zipper is well seated and hidden
  • The overall finished look of the pillow is neat and pleasing
    (From the file: Pillow Project 1_Grading Criteria)

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