Pen & Wet Brush Rendering: Exploration of Light & Shadow

Submitted by Inseung Park, Theatre & Dance, University of New Mexico


This project is designed for our rendering course THEA 292 – one of the required courses for BFA design students. It helps students get comfortable with wet media and acts as an introduction to watercolor without fear. Students will create three thumbnails (about 8″ x 4″ in size), rendering a simple interior box set in perspective with a water based blue pen. After students finish a contour drawing with a blue pen, they add hatching for minimal shading. Then, the wet brush is employed to create impressive moods. During the process of this project, it would be a great idea for students to explore samples of artists’ paintings in varied art media to research how moods are expressed, and apply their discoveries into the rendering. Eventually, students will create three different lighting situations in three thumbnails.

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