Online Teaching Resources in Sound

This is a developing page that is focused on sound resources rather than general online teaching. Please contact us via the feedback page if you have material to add.

This google doc is an evolving list of online teaching resources in many areas of AV. It has a lot of available trainings. Link Sound Design Live has also come up with a list of “Best Free and Paid Online Training Webinars, Courses, and Certifications for Live Sound Engineers“.

Useful training applications:

  • Aux B used for visualizing and training on signal flow. Link.
  • SoundGym is for ear training and can be set-up to do online class tracking. Link. Jason Romney at UNCSA is an accomplished user and would be happy to answer questions.
  • Harman’s How to Listen is an application developed for critical listening training. Link.
  • From Seth Crow, “Here is another thing that I find wonderful if you need students to learn about the basics of sound (amplitude, frequency, timbre, envelope, wave types etc. ) that is free (for now) cross-platform, and all you need is the Chrome browser to run it:
  • The Jazz Bands at my school are doing online studio recording for the rest of the semester around SoundTrap. Our Jazz professor is super excited about this as a solution. So to share his enthusiasm here is a tool that might be useful for keeping collaboration as part of the curriculum:

Online Texts/video resources:

  • The Association of Sound Designers in the UK has released several of their members only training videos to the public here.
  • Video Lectures by Jason Romney on YouTube.
  • Digital Sound & Music online textbook with activities.
  • John Huntington has made the video’s that go with his text book available online (and his text is on Amazon): Control Geek

Specific video resources shared with our community:

Various ideas that have been shared:

Other Lists of Resources:

  • Massive list of free training in the entertainment industry at Magnum.